ABS Digital Cable Pvt. Ltd.
Get ready to change the way you watch television with ABS Digital.ABS Digital Cable Television offers a superior picture and sound quality on any TV set of any make or age.It offers value added features to consumers like Electronic Programming Guide (EPG), create favourite channel list, Parental Control to block unwanted channels and multilingual functions for channels offered in more than one language. It is also offering local city channels covering local events that are of interest to viewers only in that city.
Enhanced Quality Of Transmission
You get best DVD quality pictures & clear sound that gives you theater-like experience, high quality & international standard services without having to buy expensive equipment. The viewing experience will be the difference that one experiences between B/W TV and Color TV.
Enjoy the most advanced technology like Electronic Programming Guide (EPG), Scan program listings, reserve programs days in advance, set convenient on-screen reminders, parental control and many more.
Pay Per View
SITI allows the subscribers the never before available flexibility of paying only for what they actually watch.
Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is a guide which enable viewers to view programs, information and other options of interest without disrupting the program they are viewing. The EPG displays the name, start time, and date of all programs and also upcoming programs of all pay channels including their synopsis.
Information Banners
The on screen information banner allows the viewer to browse the schedule listing for the channel they want to watch. It also provides short program descriptions without disturbing their viewing.
Program Reservations & Reminders
This feature empowers the viewer to reserve a program for future viewing. As the program's start time approaches the viewers gets a reminder message, or the box can also be set to automatically switch to the selected program.
Parental Controls
This feature empowers subscriber to set password and block channels with certain ratings values from being viewed. Best applied to keep parental control over children regarding the channels viewable by them.
Value Added Services
  • VOD
  • Gaming
  • Cloud PC
  • Web TV