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Set Top Box
We offer various types of set top boxes to our customers depending on the needs of each viewer.
Types of Set Top Boxes:
Standard Definition Set-Top-Box
ABS offers hundreds of standard definition channels you can choose. The STB comes equipped with a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) feature which lets you record your favorite shows & other programs. There is no longer a need to leave everything just to watch a particular show on television or having to fight to see what you want. You can record anything you wish & view them all at your convenience so that you never miss a thing.
High Definition Set-Top-Box
High Definition (HD) is a whole new way of enjoying television on your flat screens. .
HD provides a picture quality of over five times to that of a normal SD, and with this astounding 1080i clarity, it is sure to leave you spellbound. Of course, the box supports SD too. .
ABS offers several channels in FULL HD and definitely the set top box is capable of receiving HD to have you experience the best of high quality.
Hybrid Set-Top-Box
First time in India, introducing the new Hybrid Set Top Box.
ABS Entertainment introduces a whole new way to make the most of your television & enjoy your favorite services like never before. .
Experience a variety of Value Added Services (VAS) like Cloud PC, Web TV, Real-time VOD, Youtube, Smart TV Apps & a lot more only on our Hybrid Set Top Box. .
With Cloud PC, you can make your television work just like a computer. Edit documents, surf the web, play games and any other thing a computer can do. .
Real-time VOD offers you thousands of movies sorted across several genres which makes searching much easier. We also offer educational videos for all classes sorted class and subject wise. So, even the kids can enjoy watching television and yes, they’re learning along with it. .
Now, you do not need a Smart Tv to enjoy the benefits of it. ABS provides you with Smart TV Apps which converts a normal TV into a Smart TV, where we provide a range of applications like facebook, Gmail, Picasa, Reddit, Stumble Upon, etc.